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Wonderful Chelsea FC Brief Background

If you love to watch football game in the tv at the range of national until worldwide game, I believe that you just get your own team favorite which you hope your favorite club may won the match. Do you be aware of blues or the pensioners? Indeed, this is the famous name for Chelsea FC. This team is a expert fc which is located in Fulham, London that play in Premier League it is the highest English soccer degree. The team has been established One hundred ten years back in March 10, 1905. They've their particular ground on the Stamford Bridge that has a volume of 41,663 spectators.

Well, if we are talking about the football, the first our mindset is the football players are men. It is not wrong at all, but have you thought if the football players are women? Yes, I think some of you have known that there are football players who are playing to win the match like the men do. So, what is the relation between the Chelsea FC with the women football players? Are you curious about it? Well, you will have the answer for your curious.

Have you heard Chelsea LFC? LFC is an abbreviation of Ladies Football Club. Actually, the women football club has been founded since 23 years ago in 1922. They are women’s football club in English which is based in Fulham, England. They have been affiliated with Chelsea since 2004. They are being the top level of the women’s football in England. The Chelsea FC is one of the huge football clubs in England which has the women’s football club which has won in many matches for long time. If you are interested to be the professional ladies football player, you can try to join this women’s club.
Intersting Chelsea fc Photo Current Selection
Interesting Chelsea Soccer Team Short History

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